March 9, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Ojas Yoga Studio
707 El Cerrito Plaza
El Cerrito, CA 94530


Emotional Spring Clearing

Chakra Balancing

& Breath of Fire


March 9th2019

Ojas Yoga Studio – El Cerrito

3 – 6pm

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You are invited to a beautiful ritual of  “Temple Clearing” to empty out stuck lingering winter emotions and to plant your seeds in fertile ground this spring.


With the Spring Equinox, this is a perfect time for house clearing and emptying out some hidden places where some old energy got stuck.

The ability to Release and Let Go is vital for psychological, physical and spiritual health.


Are you feeling moody, anxious stuck or overwhelmed? Does anger, irritability or feeling blue ruin your day?

Most of us want to let go of worrying, anger, stress, defenses, anything that does no longer serve us, but we don’t know how.

This workshop teaches powerful releasing skills to let go of outdated beliefs, emotions and behaviors, that block your full self expression and success.


Discover how to:

      Find joy and passion beneath the waves of challenging emotions

      Release what no longer serves you. 

      move stuck energy gracefully through your body 

      Increase your juiciness and passion for life. 

      Gain new freedom and lightness through consciously letting go





In my clinic I find that almost everybody holds on to some emotions from the past or the present in their body.

In this experimental workshop we will learn about emotions, and how to move them gracefully through our body, and release them, rather than tucking them away in some corners of our body.

This allows our “Temple” to be clean and functioning well in the present moment.


Early Bird by February 15th $66

There after$77

Bring a friend for $10


Claudia Weitkemper is a Wisdom Coach and Healer, with over 25 years of experience with Chinese, and Naturopathic Medicine and as a Nurse. Also an accomplished Teacher of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga and EVOLVE Coaching to move Energy and create states of Bliss naturally.  She is deeply committed to inspire you to raise your vibration & joyously live a fully empowered life with health, vitality & passion.


More information & registration here;



Love and Blessings



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