“I’m astonished with the upgrades in my health that Claudia has helped me achieve through her 6 months
“Evolve & Rejuvenate program.”

“I’m so very grateful that my health is coming back,better than ever. I had hit a breaking point with my stress levels and feeling upset, that I could not come back to a normal healthy life I once had. I’m now two-thirds into the program and Claudia has identified mineral and hormone imbalances which may be associated with my current symptom’s and provided supplements toward obtaining biochemical balance.

She taught me about dietary awareness, including my coffee intake, which I thought was totally impossible for me to change. However I drink one cup of coffee per day and that is half decaf and feel great.

I feel so much less reactive, calmer, and much more positive, present and observant of each moment. The program has given me a new confidence and I have greatly improved my health and well being.

In the second phase of her program (emotional well-being) I have gained a new level of freedom with the release of burdening emotions, no less than a miracle.

I’m much more peaceful and live in present time more, I’m looking forward to the third phase. My experience is that Claudia is very loving, nurturing and knowledgeable. Claudia cares for your health as if you were her own child. She teaches you tools to align your body, emotions, and spirit so you can immediately start feeling better. Your health is priceless and Claudia is a jewel.”


Lynda Silva, MFA

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“(The Evolve Program) connected me with my power and helped bring joy back into my life.”

“Working with Claudia has healed me in a way that’s difficult to describe. I had been so depleted for so long; I thought the way I felt was normal. That it was my new baseline. In reality, I’d just been running on empty for over a decade.

The work we did in the Evolve workshop changed all that. It healed trauma I had been holding onto for many many years. It connected me with my power and helped bring joy back into my life. Claudia has changed my life. I cannot thank her enough.”

Stacey Winn

Stacey Winn

“I now feel a greater sense of wholeness in mind, body and spirit.”

“Thank you Claudia for your support and helping me through a difficult time in my life. Signing up for the “EVOLVE Program” was just what I needed. Because of your insight and usage of various modalities during our sessions, I was able to more easily balance my physical, mental, and emotional stresses.

Thank you for holding a safe and nurturing space for me to deep dive and heal some past unresolved issues. I now feel a greater sense of wholeness in mind, body and spirit. The 2 day retreat provided me daily tools to use in maintaining my health, vitality, and high state of awareness.”

Eternally grateful to you.
Loving Light,



“Through the Evolve Workshop, everything came together.”

“Through my work with Claudia I have discovered the natural state of my body. I was astonished to find how deep my body and mind could drift below the subconscious level and get real rest while my body began its healing.

Through the Evolve Workshop, everything came together. Little did I know that the workshop would give me new tools for rebuilding my temple, mind and spirit, regardless of the time of day or where I am. I use the tools whenever I begin to feel frustrated; in traffic, shopping, work, and with others who seem to drain my energy.”

Thank you Claudia. It is because of you and your tools and the Evolve work that I have rebuilt my temple, which has now become my oasis, and live connected to spirit.”

Jojo Razor


Jojo Razor

“I feel so grateful to Claudia for the amazing healing that has begun in my life! She has helped me embrace what’s going on and stop running from it!

The program is enlightening and
inspires me to new levels of awareness.

Claudia has such a beautiful way about her, so soothing and non-judgmental. Truly thankful our paths have crossed, and believe she will be in my life for the rest of my life!”

Julie K., San Leandro

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If you would like a preview of Evolve before joining the program, I’ve created a webinar that gives you a sample of the tools I will provide through my time with you — tools that will help you replenish your body and create emotional freedom. It is my gift to you, and I hope it brings you the physical restoration and emotional release you need to thrive.


Claudia Weitkemper