Commit just 8 Weeks to release
what is no longer serving you!

Let’s Evolve with Claudia Weitkemper
European Coaching Wisdom

Your Solution for feeling frustrated, anxious and stuck in your life to living your life with grace, joy, clarity and highest alignment, so you can feel centered in your true beautiful self and shine your light.

Emotional Clearing &
Liberation Activation Package

Tired of feeling limited and emotionally overwhelmed?

Ready to get your radiance, confidence and clarity back?

  • Are you feeling moody, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Are anger, irritability or feeling blue affecting your
  • Do you feel confused with too many choices?
  • Do you feel stuck and frustrated?
  • Do you want to stick your head into the sand?

Then this 8 week program
is the right support for you!

Heal Your Inner Wounds (Emotional Well-Being)

  • You will discover how to release limiting beliefs, stagnant energy and emotions you’ve been holding onto.
  • Learn how to balance and align your energy system to help you feel even-keeled and available for life’s pleasures.
  • We use ancient sacred practices to liberate you from old beliefs and patterns, which run your life. (These patterns may have been established this life or past lives or in childhood)
  • Once these cords are cut and the beliefs are set free, a liberation starts to take place and unwinds old habits, beliefs, and cords which no longer serve you.
  • You will feel empowered and able to create what is in alignment with your highest purpose.
  • You will have the supportive tools and practices to manage situations when life gets stormy.

Discover how to:

  • Find joy and passion beneath the waves of challenging emotions.
  • Release what no longer serves you.
  • Be supported when strong emotions come up.
  • Move stuck energy gracefully through your body.
  • Increase your passion and love for life.

In my practice I have found that almost everyone holds onto some challenging emotions from the past, they may become stuck in different parts of our body. We also hold beliefs and codes from our ancestors in our bodies and DNA, which we may experience like a hamster wheel. We may feel and do over and over the things that do not serve us, but even though we have some awareness, we can’t break free.

Once the Trauma is released and cords are cut, and we gently unplug old messages from your DNA, you will feel liberated and can access a new way of being in the world, which you never knew existed. You can shine your light fully and dance with joy in the present moment.

I will support you using Ancient Healing Techniques, Energy Healing and Evolve Coaching to help you clear challenging emotions. You will receive tools to raise your vibration and work with emotions as they appear. We use a powerful “Liberation Activation” and supportive sacred practices to set you free.

“Claudia has been essential to my healing and coming
back to my full energy and my full vibrant self.

My life demands a lot of my time and attention. Working with Claudia through debilitating illness into radiance and full power has been a deep and necessary journey. Claudia has made this journey much easier and faster. I can be fully who I am and who I need to be with my clients, my family and my life.

I send all of my women friends to Claudia for healing and balancing their systems. Thank you Claudia for the amazing healing work that you do!”

~ Jessica Hadari
Founder of FEM Talks

The Details

Two private sessions

($500 value)

Two Day EVOLVE Retreat

($595 value)

Two webinars on wellness, nutrition and adrenal & thyroid support

($250 value)

E-mail support


Recommended reading & articles

($150 value)

MP3 recordings of your private sessions

($100 value)

Guided meditations

($100 value)

Total value of 8-week program =


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Two Payment Options:

With the Two Payment option you will be
billed for 2 months at $540 each payment.

All about Claudia Weitkemper

Claudia Weitkemper is the owner of “Natural Healing Ways”, located in Albany California, and is a National and California licensed Acupuncturist, a Naturopathic Doctor, Kriya Yoga Teacher, Evolve Coach and Energy Healer, Minister and a Nurse.

She received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland, her Naturopathic Doctor degree in Munich, Germany, and her Nursing degree in Wuppertal, Germany. She studied in India Ayurvedic Medicine and prior to receiving her degree as a Naturopath, she worked in Germany as a Nurse for 8 years.

Her passion is to help you raise your vibration, heal Body, Mind Heart & Spirit, balance your hormones and help you with adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, and emotional challenges. She utilizes Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Western and Chinese Herbs, Bach flowers, Whole Food Supplements, Energy Healing, Nutrition, and Lifestyle consulting, Evolve Coaching, as well as Yoga techniques, Cold Laser, Applied Kinesiology and Beemer Therapy and to treat and restore your well-being.

Claudia is deeply committed and inspires you to live a joyous and fully empowered life with health, vitality & passion. Her knowledge draws from many different directions, and she carefully tailors a treatment plan for you, which allows you to feel amazing.