Commit just 8 weeks to raise
your Vibration & Courage and
Step into your Soul’s Purpose

Let’s Evolve with Claudia Weitkemper
European Coaching Wisdom

Spiritual Expansion &
Vibrational Upgrade Package:

“Raise your Vibration and Awaken to your Soul’s purpose”

  • Are you feeling held back, like you are not living to your fullest potential?
  • Do you often hide from situations that
    intimidate you?
  • Feeling distracted or sidetracked in your goals?
  • Are there too many possibilities and you take no action at all?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel confused and unsure of which voice
    to trust?
  • Having trouble listening to your gut?

Spiritual Expansion

  • Get ready to grow your spiritual self and connect to the divine!
  • You will learn practices to let go of the past, befriend the “Inner Beloved”, experience forgiveness, attract miracles and live peacefully in
    the present moment.
  • Once your mind is quiet and focused, we can manifest our highest purpose
    in this life.
  • We are just a mirror; our inside mirror is what’s happening on the outside.
  • Rewrite your inner story and attract the highest possible outcome!
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Discover how to:

  • Call in and open up to your highest potential
  • Manifest your heart’s desire
  • Live your soul’s purpose
  • Feel joy and love with yourself and others
  • Increase your juiciness and passion for life
  • Love what is

When we step into Creator Consciousness, we draw in the support we need and a momentum starts to build. Our deepest desires and passions are yearning to express through us. And Life wants to express them through us.

When we connect deeply to our soul’s desire and purpose, we receive guidance. We need to train, to differentiate this “soul guidance” from our mind and emotions. Our mind needs to become still and quiet so we can align with the right guidance. And then, we have to trust. Intuition is powerful, but in order to trust it we have to develop deep self-awareness and become aware of the voices which compromise the inner knowing. We call this the inner witness.

Once we cultivate this self-trust and self love, we are able to align to our highest destiny, and we can be comfortable in the unknown and courageously hold our intention and our inner light. Through courage and our clear intention, we will step into leadership and manifestation.

Using ancient healing techniques, energy healing, meditations, sacred practices and “Evolve Coaching” I will help you to still your mind, and learn to become the witness. You’ll receive tools to raise your vibration and to step into your highest aligned purpose with courage and clear intention. Through these practices you will be able to be deeply rooted into the earth and connected to the divine and able to take inspired right action, moment by moment.

The Details

Two private sessions

($500 value)

Two Day EVOLVE Retreat

($595 value)

Two webinars on wellness, nutrition and adrenal & thyroid support

($250 value)

E-mail support


Recommended reading & articles

($150 value)

MP3 recordings of your private sessions

($100 value)

Guided meditations

($100 value)

Total value of 8-week program =


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All about Claudia Weitkemper

Claudia Weitkemper is the owner of “Natural Healing Ways”, located in Albany California, and is a National and California licensed Acupuncturist, a Naturopathic Doctor, Kriya Yoga Teacher, Evolve Coach and Energy Healer, Minister and a Nurse.

She received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland, her Naturopathic Doctor degree in Munich, Germany, and her Nursing degree in Wuppertal, Germany. She studied in India Ayurvedic Medicine and prior to receiving her degree as a Naturopath, she worked in Germany as a Nurse for 8 years.

Her passion is to help you raise your vibration, heal Body, Mind Heart & Spirit, balance your hormones and help you with adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, and emotional challenges. She utilizes Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Western and Chinese Herbs, Bach flowers, Whole Food Supplements, Energy Healing, Nutrition, and Lifestyle consulting, Evolve Coaching, as well as Yoga techniques, Cold Laser, Applied Kinesiology and Beemer Therapy and to treat and restore your well-being.

Claudia is deeply committed and inspires you to live a joyous and fully empowered life with health, vitality & passion. Her knowledge draws from many different directions, and she carefully tailors a treatment plan for you, which allows you to feel amazing.