Cobra BreathCobra Breath is a technique,  from the Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga tradition, which due to its high power, has been kept a secret. Because of its powerful technique of self-development, it is also called the Royal pranayama.

It has been passed down orally through initiation and has been kept a secret until today, when it is available in order to help people awaken dormant potential.

This technique is considered to be one of the most powerful techniques of self-development on the path to elevated vibration and to enlightment.

In many cultures of the world, the serpent is considered to be a symbol of Kundalini. The Cobra Breath Cobra Breath uses Kundalini energy to expand the mind, and awakens dormant parts of the brain, so that it can be felt as a cobra’s cocoon that expands around you with your breath.

The Cobra Breath practice consciously activates Kundalini and Pineal gland, clearing shadows and raising your vibration. Through this you become a strong and free individual, ready to expand your consciousness into the realm of unlimited possibilities. Practicing Cobra Breath awakens dormant parts of your brain and speeds up your evolution. Do the Cobra breathing exercise daily for a few minutes to induce a deep state of consciousness. One inhalation and exhalation of this pranayama equals 12 month of meditation.

We teach four levels of Cobra Breath. Level 5 to 7 are transmitted in dreamtime or meditation.

  1. Level One Cobra Breath, opens the third Eye and activates the pineal gland and awakens sexual energy and Kundalini. It provides clarity and objectivity of consciousness. You become an observer of events around you, rather than being pulled in.
  2. Level two Cobra Breath opens the lower Chakras and harmonizes male and female principals of energy in the individual.
  3. Level three Cobra Breath opens the heart and throat Chakra and awakens Kundalini.
  4. Level four Cobra Breath balances microcosms and macrocosms, heaven and earth.


Cobra Breath benefits your daily life

When you start practicing Cobra Breath, you will be able to see the world around you in a completely new way. Weight and uncertainty will disappear and you will gain a new drive to perform your daily activities and tasks. It will allow you to have more vibrant and joyous relationships and to be more fully engaged in life. The Cobra Breath improves memory and concentration and rejuvenates body and mind. You will look younger and more vibrant. Through the Cobra Breath you will enhance and deepen the relationship with yourself and with others.


Cobra BreathWhere and how to learn Cobra Breath?

Claudia offers:

  • Individual coaching
  • Day & Weekend Seminars 
  • or the Tantra Bliss Practicum


( in person, or from the comfort of your own home over the phone)

Learn Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga with this series of lessons based on the timeless information found in the Tantra books “ Jewel in the Lotus” and “ A Method for Tantra Bliss”.

All lessons include experiential sections and personal Tantra instruction.

  • Lesson 1 Being in the Tantric Energy Flow:  An initiation into the Tantra Practice
  • Lesson 2 The Witness:  The key to accelerating spiritual growth
  • Lesson 3 Becoming the creator of your destiny
  • Lesson 4 Initiation into the Tantra Practice of the Cosmic Cobra Breath
  • Lesson 5 Intention: The Tantra practice of manifesting your Heart’s desires.
  • Lesson 6 Vibration: Exploring the power of Tantric Resonance and Harmony.
  • Lesson 7 Emotional Flow: Tantra Techniques for the clearing of old emotions and outdated beliefs.
  • Lesson 8 Mysteries of the heart Opening to new connections of loving support.
  • Lesson 9 Polarities of Creation: The Tantra Practice of bringing the inner male and female energies into harmony.
  • Lesson 10 Nurturing the Body: Strengthening the Body Temple.
  • Lesson 11 Tantric Relationship: Expanding and deepening your connections with people.
  • Lesson 12 Being orgasmic: Exploring the ongoing state of orgasmic Bliss.



Importance of Regular Practice

Just as a plant needs regular loving care and watering and feeding to yield fruit, so do the mind and body need regular practice to produce results. Only through regular practice can we achieve the stability of the mind, transform consciousness and widen the spirit. No one has achieved something by doing nothing – this applies to all areas of life, and also to spiritual growth. To achieve any goal, work and visualization are required.

Kundalini is the dormant energy that awakens and falls back to sleep. To achieve a lasting effect of the awakening, we need regularity. Regular residences (intensive workshops where spiritual techniques are practiced) and a technique checking lead to a stabilization of energy and determination of your own potential. This way we are safely and steadily climbing to the infinite field of our own possibilities.

There are various techniques of awakening the cosmic energy and becoming enlightened beings. An enlightened being is the one, that lives a completely fulfilled life and develops toward the field of infinite potential and possibilities, lives in harmony with natural laws and acts in unity with all. To evolve like this, we need to be introduced into this technique by a teacher who has been initiated into the sacred traditions. He will then awaken a spark of divine intelligence and the regular practice will fan this spark into a flame of infinity of the inner self.

Cobra Breath

Kundalini is the energy

that spreads throughout the universe, creates and permeates it. This energy is called Shakti. When the universal energy Shakti manifests itself in the being, it takes on a different name and becomes Kundalini. Kundalini inside a human lies hidden at the base of the spine and waits to shine forth. For our physical and mental activities we mainly use only a small percentage of this energy, while the rest is hidden, unconscious and dormant.

According to ancient texts, Kundalini takes on the form of a snake that is three and a half times curled up at its seat in the pelvis. The snake is sleeping, waiting to soar through the spine to the higher centers at the top of the head. When it touches this center, a person achieves super-mental evolution and a state of cosmic consciousness. Kundalini is the energy that gives and sustains life. With the help of Kundalini, we can see, hear, feel, breath, walk and live. This energy governs all physical and spiritual functions of our being. It represents the aspect that sustains our lives and is all pervading.

Inside a person, the main switch and the force of Kundalini is at the base of the spine, the first Chakra. When this subtle energy is activated, we become aware of our true divine nature and our connection to the universe. We understand that consciousness is omnipresent and infinite, and we expand beyond the limits of the mind and intellect. One of the most powerful techniques of the awakening of Kundalini and consciousness is the Cobra Breath technique (Royal Prananyama).

Claudia Weitkemper