21-day Cleanse and Purification Program

Reset your metabolism, detoxify, lose weight and feel great!

Why do we become toxic and need to cleanse our body?

Environmental toxins:
Such as plastic water bottles, pesticides, hairspray, deodorant, blush, hair dye, etc, can slowly poison our system. These toxins can lead to estrogen dominance and through our hormonal balance off center. Than we get chronically stressed and maybe cannot sleep well. The next step may be the craving of coffee, which lowers DHEA levels and suppresses immunity, and than we feel really tired and crave more sugar or coffee.Another common toxin is alcohol, which slows down our metabolism by 70% , congests the liver and adds to “Estrogen dominance” and a higher risk of cancer.
Not enough Sleep:
When we don’t get enough sleep, we do not get the normal detoxification our body needs at night.
Stress interferes with memory, concentration and decision-making. Chronic stress burns our “Adrenal Glands” and this leads to hormone imbalances or chronic fatigue, anxiousness, depression and chronic stress makes you toxic.
Antidepressant, blood pressure medicine, anti depressions, cholesterol-lowering medicine, and many other medicines leave toxic residues in our bodies and the liver often has a hard time to catch up with the purification and needs some support. (If you take more than two medications, you often need a third one to manage the side effects of the two).

How do you know, that your body is toxic?

Sugar cravings
  • We experience sugar cravings, if we do not eat enough protein. (Our Adrenal glands need every three hours some source of protein to stay strong and healthy.
  • Genetically modified food & Sugar create withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased stress makes us crave sugar
  • Sugary foods are highly addictive
  • If we do eat out a lot, and do not eat wholesome, home made foods, there are likely some sugars and toxic additions to our meals
Weight gain
Especially around the waist
Body pains and Aches
Recognize the signs of toxicity and do not wait for the perfect time. Bring your body today in a new balance and vibrant health. Take care of your Adrenal Glands and start exercise in moderation.

5 simple steps to lose weight and balance your hormones:

  1. Remove gluten and dairy from your diet
  2. Eat 1 pound of vegetables per day
  3. Eat pro-biotic foods like kefir, sauerkraut, kim-chee, or miso.
  4. Drink lots of clean, fresh water
  5. Moderate, regular exercise

What does the 21-day purification program offer?

This gentle and powerful purification resets your hormones and metabolism gracefully and will transform your life.
You will lose weight, double your energy, clear toxins, feel your best self, increase your sexdrive and fertility, and improve your skin and youthful appearance.
You will feel fresh, happy and much lighter. Sugar cravings drop and your vibration increases.

During the Cleanse, you will be eating healthy fresh foods and will not have cravings.

Program includes:

  • Daily e-mail support
  • Phone contact if support is needed during days 1-7
  • Customized Nutritional Consultation
  • Standard Process Cleanse Kit:
    • Sp Complete Lactose free
    • Sp Cleanse
    • Sp Green food
    • Gastro fiber

21-day Cleanse Package $185.00

For more information contact Claudia @ 510-978-3444 and learn more about our Services.

Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland CA.

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