Break through weight loss & addiction roadblocks

According to acupuncture and Oriental medicine,  emotions originate internally from different organs inside the body. Conditions and events in the external world may provoke specific reactions but, ultimately, each person is responsible for the emotion generated.   Any addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, food, work, or other activity or substance, effectively blocks intelligence and suppresses…


New Years Reflection

Reflection is the process in which an image or idea comes back to us, such as looking in a mirror,  rethinking an event, or reviewing an idea. We have the opportunity to take a closer view and reconsider our original thinking. The new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect and use that knowledge as…


Enhance Your Emotional Wellness

Enhance Your Emotional Wellness:   The upcoming holiday season can be filled with a dizzying array of demands,  visitors,  travel and frantic shopping trips. For many people,  it is also a time filled with sadness, self-reflection, loneliness and anxiety. Compound the usual seasonal pressures with economic strain, and you may find this to be one…


Treating Autoimmune Disease

Treating Autoimmune Disease   Over 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease including rheumatoid arthritis,  lupus,  thyroid disease, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and Guillain-Barré syndrome. An autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissue. Due to the complexity of treating autoimmune disorders, integrative medicine solutions including…


Weight loss Protocol

Spring CleanseWeight Loss Protocol

Is there such a thing as “weight loss for life”? Yes but it’s all about committing to lifestyle change. It’s the smart thing to do. And it’s good because the end result is that you help prevent heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer and most of all, you feel better. Many people vow to lose weight; they start, and then fail. In fact most fad diets and diet chain programs have been proven to have a 90% failure rate in regards to “keeping it off”. The real key to long-term weight loss is working from the inside out. Try these surefire tips:

  • Eat real food. Real food is food that has been freshly prepared. You get the best energy from fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, poultry, and whole grains. This leaves out boxed, canned, and fast food depleted of nutrients and enzymes and ridden with chemicals like preservatives, colorings, and taste enhancers. Chemicals slow the metabolism. Real food enhances it.
  • Eliminate all foods derived from flour wheat, white, rye, etc. These foods are typically high allergy or sensitivity foods and cause water retention and eventual fat accumulation.
  • No meal replacements. It’s easier to transition to “normal” eating if you eat real food while you are dieting. Your weight loss will be maintained more successfully that way. And isn’t that what it’s all about? The maintenance! Avoid packaged food plans. These contain unnatural ingredients that stress the liver and metabolism. In the end, they do not serve you. Most people note a renewed feeling of energy and vitality when they eat good quality fresh food.
  • Control insulin levels. Paying attention to the prior suggestions will help to control your blood sugar and insulin levels. This prevents the body from going into a crisis mode and secreting excess cortisol from the adrenal glands. Simply stated, this will expedite the fat-burning process. You will not feel hungry. This is a key for good weight balance. You shouldn’t feel hungry. If you do, then the diet is not balanced.
  • Get appropriate exercise. One of the primary reasons exercise works is that it drives insulin levels down, burning fat effectively and helping to reduce cancer risks.
  • Control portions. This has emerged as one of the most effective weight loss strategies. Small plates, eat slowly, and eat fiber-rich, balanced meals to help you feel satisfied while curbing any cravings. Remember the old adage “a thumb full of fat and a fist full of protein”.
  • Drink only water. Reduce or eliminate your caffeine and soda consumption. Remember that caffeine is dehydrating and drinking it is counterproductive to balanced metabolism. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which have a deleterious effect on our livers. Finally, only water is not food. All other beverages, except for herbal teas are considered food.
  • Enhance digestion. You should have at least 2 bowel movements a day; this insures more active metabolism. The food has to be digested, absorbed and eliminated properly, in order for efficient calorie burning. Use digestive enzyme supplements to enhance digestion. Also, eat at least 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruits per day.
  • Check hormone levels. The thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as the male and female hormones play a huge role in balancing metabolism. Make sure these hormone levels are balanced. Check with your health practitioner for hormone testing.

Making any of these changes will be helpful the more the better. Take it step by step. What a fantastic accomplishment!

We love to support you reaching and holding your weight loss goals.


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